Cannabis and Packaging 

With cannabis growing, this is something that’s really good for your economy.  This is something that’s been found through various websites such as Leafly, and from there, they’ve offered new jobs, increasing by almost 50% in just one year.

Another thing that people are noticing is that they were able to find more jobs than ever before.  According to one report, marijuana is projected to make more and more jobs too, and this is something that’s being seen not just in manufacturing and farming, and government jobs are also increasing too.  But one thing that has also grown too is package designing, and there’s been a 50% increase at new jobs for designing in different industries too. 

Cannabis Packaging as a New Category 

There are now new trends in cannabis packaging that’s coming forward too. Cannabis is something that comes in a bunch of different types of ways, including tins, sprays, cartons, pouches, boxes, and a ton of designs that have other additions too, including the child-resistant types of features that go into this too.

This is something that’s required new designers too for telling the stories of the brands, the logos that are created, websites and development, and the design and packaging.  You also want to make sure that the packaging communicates the language and the cues for emotions that are there.

There is also the products that are regulated that are also very important to be designed in a way that protects them. vaping for example, needs to be a part of the regulations that was there.  you have to make sure that you put the design and packaging that’s there. 

Another interesting thing as well, is that the states have different kinds of regulations that’s there, and it’s important to make sure that you’re able to create a packaging that ensures proper safety.

There are now new things companies are trying to do, including bar codes, tags for authentication, and so much more. a ton of brands are starting to grow as well, and a lot of times, you as a brand have to look at different ways to change this and improve the brand messages that are in the packaging. 

States are now requiring more and more regulations, and they may require embedding codes, and other authentication tags that are needed to be scanned as well. 

You have to be authentic 

A lot of designers are pushing for the authenticity of cannabis. With the new technology there to communicate with other people, it also showcases the need for brand authenticity.

There are now smart barcodes that you can also link people as well to show different parts of where the “bud became born” and the growing of this.  It also shows the standards that were there, and the sustainability of this.

The information on the product also must show the effects of the plant, whether you’re able to mellow out or energize, and also the different usage of this.

The main point of this packaging is that it shows that cannabis is safe to use, and the packaging does go through a bunch of different regulatory aspects. Many designers have mastered a lot of this, and it’s something that the cannabis industry has grown and it’s something that’s more than just a general idea.

Cannabis is something that a lot of people are becoming a lot more and more accepting and welcoming, and it’s important to make sure that you as a company who sells this, to make sure that you’ve got the proper regulation that’s there, and also improve the cannabis’s qualities. 

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